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New Annoucements

Auditions now being held for Youth Talent Contest to be held in September.  For more information please call.

Please welcome our new instructors:  Hilary and Sandy

About Just Hip Hop at Jung Im Lee Dance Academy

Just hip hop class is one of the best hip hop classes in the Los Angeles area.  Juba Lee has eight years of experience, and has choreographed over 50 preformances, the most recent at the SBS concert.  Also recently the Just Hip Hop group at the Jung Im Lee dance academy  won second place at the Korean Youth Talent Show, at the Korean Festival 2001.  Below is a MPEG and pictures of the class in action:


Picture 1          Picture 2          Picture 3        Picture 4

Picture 5          Picture 6          Picture 7        Picture 8

Picture 9 

Just Hip Hop

Friday - 7:30 pm
Saturday - 12:00 pm
Instructor: Juba Lee
(213) 487-2957